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New Experiences in Guadalajara

Los Azules Waterfall Tour

Explore the variety of plants and its crystal clear water, a turquoise color that seems to be extracted from the agave fields, is an experience.

Tequila Tasting Casa José Cuervo Tour

You will have special access to the very private José Cuervo family winery! Have the pleasure of tasting the exquisite extra añejo Tequila right from the barrel receiving a VIP attention!

Lucha Libre Tour in Guadalajara

Mexican pro wrestling, or lucha libre, is a must-see spectacle for visitors to Guadalajara. Have fun and enjoy this unforgettable experience.

Tapalpa Tour

Tapalpa, "colorfull land" in Nahuatl (Mexican dialect). This place is highlighted by its great natural beauty, particular arquitecture, amazing open spaces to make this destiny ideal to be in contact with mexican rural traditions and folklore.

San Sebastián del Oeste Tour

Explore the magic of a mining Town, founded more than 400 years ago and considered the mining capital of New Spain.

Guadalajara Night Clubs Tour

Enjoy walking through its picturesque streets decorated with lights. After dinner we move on to the best night clubs in the city until past midnight.

Guadalajara Foot Ball Soccer Game Tour

Enjoy the opportunity to atend a soccer game in one of the 3 stadiums, Omnilife (40 thousand spectators) Jalisco (75,000), and 3 de Marzo (30 Thousand).

Tequila Tasting Session Tour

This tour is from a cultural and historic point of view. We give the history of the drink from a pre-Hispanic perspective.

Guadalajara Folkloric Performances Tour

Guadalajara Mexico offers visitors and locals a wide range of concerts and events throughout the year with fame and tradition.

Tlaquepaque Clay Pottery Making Tour

Dare to explore the Art discovering the manufacturing process of the clay from the place where it is created up to the production of your own model.

Lake Chapala Adventure Tour

We arrive the picturesque town of Chapala, where the guide will describe the area seen from the dock and getting free time to explore.

Mariachi Trail Tour

We expose Guadalajara, Cocula and San Pedro in the state of Jalisco. Visit the land of Marichi to learn why UNESCO declared Mariachi music a World Heritage Intangible Asset in 2011.

Premium Crafted Tequila Experience

We will taste different aromas and flavors characteristic of this region, also tasting the tequila liqueurs. At lunchtime you will have the privilege of choosing between the rich and varied cuisine of the region.