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Tlaquepaque Clay Pottery  Making Tour

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Tlaquepaque, called also San Pedro Tlaquepaque is the principal center of crafts artisans of the country. In this place, you will be able to do purchases of different crafts, according to wishes of each person, cause in Tlaquepaque there can be acquired crafts of mud, blown glass and brass, as well as rustic furniture, in this item many artisans are outlined for their designs, their jeweler's shop of silver and fabrics.

Visit to the wonderful down town of Tlaquepaque walking along the main points of this population indicating the traditional old houses that date back to the 17th century and the XVIIIth mentioning the prominent figures of the history of Mexico.

Discover arts and  mexican crafts.

Admire the artisans working while you’re visiting the principal shops located inside beautiful and traditional old houses.

Dare to explore the Art discovering the manufacturing process of the clay from the place where it is created up to the production of your own model.

Enjoy this experience means using both your feet and your hands to create your unique model.
* Bilingual Tour Guides
* Transport: Hotel-Tlaquepaque-Hotel
* Clay Pottery Class, 1 Ceramic Souvenir
* Shopping Time., Mexican Food, Beef, Fish Or Chicken.
Every Day Of The Week

* Morning Tour:   9:00 pm To 2:00 pm (5 Hrs.)
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Call: 33 1578 0421

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