Terms of service

Panoramex Tours & Travel

Terms of service

All reservations are subject to availability at the time of your request. We recommend that you read the cancellation policy, there are applicable at all times, without exception.

Payment Methods:


1. It's necessary to fill in the date in the PayPal form that appears next to the description of the route chosen on the website www.gdltours.com, press ENTER, and the system will send to you the PayPal secure payment web page, complete the rest of the personal information. The MANAGER will not receive personal information that is provided to PayPal.

2. PayPal, will give you an electronic receipt. The MANAGER will receive an automatic notification of your payment with your e-mail address, the payment amount, select route and the date of service. However, the MANAGER does not receive any personal information about your card or your payment method.

3. You will receive an email with the welcome to selected service for the Manager

Bank Transfer

It's necesary complete the reserve page in our web site www.gdltours.com select the tour that you want to take, we calculate the amount to pay and send

1. It is necessary to complete the booking form on our website www.gdltours.com indicating the tourist service of your choice, we determine the amount to pay, and we send you an email from Panoramex Tours & Travel (info@panoramex.mx) with the final amount to deposit.

2.We will send you the necessary information for a bank transfer or deposit of your payment.

3.communicate with us when the payment is made in order to confirm your reservation.

info@panoramex.mx Tel. MX :(33) 1578 0421 / USA: (323) 283 8223