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Tequila Tasting Session

Tequila Tasting Session Tour

Monday to Sunday.
Available in english and spanish.
We go to your hotel or address (previous reservation).


Discover all there is to understand this country icon, the evolution of tequila since 500 B.C., the Spanish contribution, and the efforts and suffering of today´s Mexican people to produce this modern drink.

This tour is from a cultural and historic point of view. We give the history of the drink from a pre-Hispanic perspective, and explain more than just the distilling process. What we say here is that ¨culture is part of the party


The direction of a tequila expert.
Tour of the production process.
6 glasses of tequilas.
Bottled purified water.
A lecture of the tequila attributes.

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Cancellation or change of destination is accepted 48 hours in advance.
Cancellation on the same day of the tour is not refundable.

Recommendations for Tasting Tequila

First you must choose your favorite tequila. Once you have made your selection, you should consider the glass for this, since it does not matter where you will drink it. Thus, white tequila can be served in the typical caballito, tequila reposado in a copa cogñaquera and for tequila añejo is the perfect glass that is usually used for tequila, the Reidel glass.

A stopped glass, begins observing its color, if it has sediments or is cloudy, take the glass and spin the tequila, check that on the edge of the glass there are shades of silver or gold depending on the type of tequila; also if it has a good structure, you will notice how after shaking the drops are falling through the glass in a very slow way.

Then you should put the glass under your nose and inhale deeply to identify the predominant aromas: agave, fruity, mint, floral, wood, citrus or almond tones. Try to describe it. According to the experts, there are up to 50 different aromas.

Then you should proceed to drink it, but little by little, that is to say a single sip. So that the taste buds are impregnated and the body feels what it receives. In this way you will taste all the flavors of our distillate. If the product is good, it will have a pleasant and durable end of mouth. It's as simple as "I like it" vs. "I do not like it".

  • Do not smoke during the tequila tasting.
  • You can eat cookies or slices of white bread (or bolillo).
  • Do not use strong perfumes or external aromas.
  • You can light non-aromatic candles since the fire consumes the external aromas.

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