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We began our journey at 8:00 am with your transfer from your hotel to the train station, guests are greeted with coffee and music. Once registered you have been assigned a wirstband with your rail coach, enjoy a Mexican Coffee before you climb on the train at 9:00 am to start our adventure. During the 2 hour journey, appetisers and drinks (open bar) is offered and mariachi music in the background.  A guide explains in English the history of Hacienda La Rojeña.

Among the railcars the tourist will have the service of the doormen and hosts to make the railroad trip more enjoyable. It is important to mention that we have private security, paramedics, Red Cross and the special attention by the coordinators.

Upon arrival in the city of Tequila got on the bus to the farm to visit the tequila production area, through vapor furnaces at the cores of cooked agave. Immediately after that, go to the old distillery was built in the 19th century, we see stills of the time and visit the museum to see a film showing the daily work in which the Treasury, including the use of agave.
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Travel in Mexico by Train on Luxury Express Tequila JC Train Passanger Coach

Our Transportation pick up / drop off in Guadalajara- Metropolitan area
Train tickets to agave landscape and destillery tour
Open bar, Mexican Appetizers
Charreria (rodeo) demonstration
Live Mariachi shows on board the train and folkloric performances
Departs Only Saturdays
Hours From 8:30 a.m.  - 8:00 p.m.
Where do we depart from? We pick up at hotels, Private Address or Point you designate - Previous reservation a must
To insure availability this Tequila Experience must be reserved at least one week in advance
Travel in Mexico by Train riding on Express JC Tequila  Train from Guadalajara with Tastings -

Guadalajara Rail Tour is a tourist train  to Tequila in a passenger car. Enjoy an unforgettable experience on the train to Tequila Jalisco Mexico. Since its approach feels emotion the faint rhythm of mariachi. Wooden wagons, large individual seats to enjoy the scenery and bridis with his companions surrounded by all the glamor of yesterday.

The train has 3 cars, wood decorated and designed for maximum comfort, especially for families.

Upon arrival to the city of Tequila we arrived at the hacienda La Rojeña to visit the production area in one of the oldest distilleries in America.
During the 2 hour ride, many train travelers choose to read books, play cards or simply enjoy the scenery rushing by.
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During the train ride of about 2 hours, will travel rural landscapes and cover from the train window agaves a crowded field. On arrival at Tequila Jalisco, moved by bus to Casa Cuervo (Hacienda La Rojeña), the oldest and one of the most famous tequila distilleries in the world.
Enjoy a visit for small groups to the distillery and the Museum of Tequila, where you can learn production techniques of past and present of the hand of his guide tequila. You hear talk of the indigenous people who invented the drink fermented agave and distilled Spaniards drink we know today as tequila.

In the afternoon, enjoy the magical town during their free time for lunch. At the end of the circuit by the hacienda, we have free time in the center of Tequila. This magical village offers a variety of typical Mexican dishes for your meal, against the background of the imposing image of Volcan de Tequila.

Do not miss your appointment in receipt of an educational tasted some tequilas. Complete your cultural tour with a show of Mexican folklore with mariachis and dancing. Your guide will accompany your small group back to Guadalajara by train and leave you at your hotel at approximately 8:30 pm

Travel in Mexico by Train to Tequila Train Passanger Coach

07:30 am Your Transportation will pick you up from your Hotel or private adress in Guadalajara.
08:00 am Reception, Check in at old Train Station in  Guadalajara.
08:15 am Coffee & pastries service while a wrist band in awarded with seat number.
8:40 am Board the Train Coach for departure to Tequila.  All Aboard !
11:00 am Arrival to Tequila Jalisco City to buss you to Oldest Distillery in the Americas Hacienda La Rojeña
11:30 am Tequila distillery tour to discover how the spirit is obtained.
02:00 pm Free time for lunch on you own and to explore Tequila - Pueblo Mágico
04:30 pm Meet in the Hacienda Garden for a Folkloric Performance and Tequila Tasting led by a professional taster
06:00 pm Board train to return to Guadalajara as you enjoy more margaritas
08:00 pm Arrival to old Train Station in Guadalajara.  Your transport awaits.
08:30 pm Your transportation delivers guests to your hotel / private adress.
  End of our services.
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