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Mariachi Trail Tour
Learn the cultural heritage of the mariachis. Music that gives Mexico world wide fame, as we step back hundreds of years to its origins. We expose Guadalajara, Cocula and San Pedro in the state of Jalisco.

San Pedro has more than a dozen restaurants to choose from, the best of  Authentic gastronomy in the Guadalajara area is in San Pedro historic district.  Historic mansions have been converted into boutique hotels, galleries and shops.
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Video : Juan Pablo´s Moncayo (Guadalajara June 29,1912 - 1958) Composor 
2010 - present Mariachi Vargas
Video 1: Traditional Marichi Son Music
Community life is at the heart of the phenomenon of mariachi music, taking into consideration that it is an expression closely related to the customs of the people of Mexico... Read PDF report
Arts and Crafts are produced and displayed on the main streets of San Pedro, Jalisco.  A must visit is the local market and artisans working with their magic hands. 

Visit the land of Marichi to learn why UNESCO declared mariachi music a World Heritage Intangible Asset in 2011.
El Mariachi, música de cuerdas, canto y trompetas/Mariachi, string music, song and trumpet

Source: UNESCO Multimedia Archives