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Jungle River Adventure

On the downstream side of the bridge over Estero San Cristóbal, our boat would take you up the Río Tovara, a side channel that winds about a mile downstream into the jungle.

The channel quickly narrows into a dark tree-tunnel, edged by great curtain-like swaths of mangrove roots. Big Snowy Garza (egrets) peer out from leafy branches; startled turtles slip off their soggy perches into the river, while big submerged roots, like gigantic pythons, bulge out of the inky water. Riots of luxuriant plants-White Lilies, Green Ferns, Red Romelia Orchids hang from the trees and lines that banks.

Finally you reach Tovara Springs, which well from the base of a verdant cliff. On one side a bamboo-sheltered palapa restaurant serves refreshments, on the other families picnic in a hillside pavilion. In the middle, everyone jumps in and paddles in the clear, cool water.

The more leisurely three-hour trip allows more chances (especially in the early morning) to spot a jaguar or crocodile, or a giant boa constrictor hanging from a limb (no kidding). The boatmen are very professional; they will go slowly and keep a sharp lookout.

In light of the possible wildlife-watching rewards, trip prices are very reasonable.

Discover La Tovara Jungle River Tour

* Bilingual Tour Guides
* Purified Water
* Transport to/from Hotel or Tlaquepaque  (Departure place)
* Time for lunch (on your own)
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