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Guachimontones rounded pyramids
Discover the great prehispanic cultures that flourished in western Mexico. This magical area is full of attractions that we  cover during our trip. Our volador ceremonial precinct was home to 30,000 + inhabitants that formed  a unique culture archaeologists call Teuchitlán Tradition.

Explore the lakes rich in colorful migratory birds (our challenge will be to identify at least 10 species of birds in their natural habitat), estates from the colonial times, the region's natural beauty valleys of Jalisco Mexico.   See more about our pre-Hispanic tradition, its contribution to science, culture, architecture, agriculture, mythology and much more to arouse your curiosity to go beyond the mystique of its apparent simplicity.

Teuchitlan Tradition
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Guachimontones Circular Pyramids

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A day trip to a lost Civilization
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Join our Guided Tour to Phil Weigand on site museum

On this tour we venture west of Jalisco to a small village, one hour drive from the capital city.

During this trip we focus on ancient cultures as we explore this cite.   Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2006, the archaeological site of rounded pyramids is characterized by including several buildings with a distinctive architectural style, unique, including several conical mounds or pyramids terraced patios surrounded by circular, ball games, a amphitheater and some terraces and buildings.
Trip stops at a museum, at the towns square and at an obsidian shop to look at look alike figurines and obsidian points of arrows and knives.
A day trip to a lost Civilization in Central Western Mexico near Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico
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Guachimontones Pyramids Tour

Discover the great archaeological site know as Teuchitlán tradition nestled at the west of Guadalajara (1 hour).  It is a culture that flourished in western Mexico since 400 B.C. learn their contribution to humanity's science mythology and much more. From the pyramid site, enjoy  a beautiful and fantastic view  of Teuchitlán town and de La Vega Lake.
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