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Get a taste of Tlaquepaque

A unique town, enjoy tradition, arts, and folklore, and hundres of artisans.

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Wonderful arts and crafts that adorn from the Vatican's halls and plazas to Lindon B. Johnson's ranch all made by Tlaquepaque artisans recognized as a cultural patrimony of Mexico. Get a taste of this unique town, enjoy tradition, art, and folklore of Pearl of the West area.  Shop direct from artisans and decorators magnificent collections of popular art.

Shopping area has more than a dozen restaurants to choose from, the best of  Authentic gastronomy.  Historic mansions have been converted into boutique hotels, galleries and shops.

Great arts and crafts are produced and displayed on the main streets .  A must visit is the local market and artisans working with their magical hands.  Have your best day near Guadalajara Airport, only 20 minutes away.
Find great production of jewelry leather, shoes, furniture, ceramics arts and crafts options to buy directly from artisans of Mexico, Shopping arts Crafts Tour Mexico.

Tlaquepaque shops tip

Located a few miles outside of Guadalajara but within the Metro area, is one of the world's greatest shopping experiences. To fully appreciate what this town has to offer you need at least half a day, possibly more. People from all over Mexico come to shop to this artistic town when they are building new homes or remodeling.  Great arts and crafts are produced and displayed on the main streets of Tlaquepaque, in Jalisco for a great Shopping experience. is also a place where many interior designers from all over the world, who want to decorate homes, restaurants, hotels, etc., and give it a bit of Mexican flavor, do a lot of their shopping for their projects here.
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