POPULATION: 6 million
ALTITUDE 5,400 Ft. (1340 mts) above the sea level
Our city, also called perl of the west, has two main seasons, rainy season and dry season The rainy season
starts in the summer and early fall, and the dry season in winter and spring.

(ºF AND ºC) (In. AND Cm)

Total Yearly Rainfall: 37 inches, 94 centimiters
Fuente: Instituto de Astronomía y Meteorología- U de G.
Guadalajara´s winter day are from December to February, days will usually be mild and springlike, clinbing to around 73 º F (24 º C) by noon, wiht nights dropping to a temperature 45ºF (5ºC), Winter visitors should pack a sweater or light jacket.

Before the rainy season arrives,
April, May, and June is when the
warmest temperatures are seen,
with highs around 90ºF (32ºC) .

July, August, and September
temperatures are moderated
by the rains. Mornings are
typically bright, warming to
the low 80s (28ºC). By afternoon, clouds sometimes gather and bring short, occasionally heavy thundershowers. Later the clouds usually part, the sun dries the pavements, and the temperature cool to a balmy 70ºF (21ºC).

The Guadalajara region is considered the second best climate in the world, after Kenya, is blessed by a diversity of microclimates. As most everywhere in Mexico, elevation rules the climate. If on a Guadalajara winter day, you hanker fo some warmth, simply travel 30 minutes downhill on the Santiago River Canyon and bask in the heat of perpetual summer-or get the same effect three hours south in Colima´s Volcano, Puerto Vallarta, or Manzanillo.

Conversely, if on a warm june
day you crave a spell of cool
mountain breezes, simply travel
two hours south to Jalisco´s
high mountain country, here you´ll ejoy the fresh, pine-scented air and warm glow of an evening wood fire.

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Weather Information Guadalajara

Month High °F Low °F High °C Low °C Rainfall In. Rain fall Cm
January 72 45 22 7 .49 1.24
February 76 46 24 8 .20 .52
March 86 45 30 7 .17 .43
April 90 45 32 7 .25 .64
May 92 51 33 11 .98 2.5
June 88 58 31 14 6.6 16.8
July 83 55 28 13 10.6 26.9
August 83 56 28 13 8.5 21.6
September 83 52 28 11 5.7 14.4
October 82 48 28 9 2.3 6.0
November 81 43 27 6 .62 1.6
December 81 41 27 5 .47 1.2
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Guadalajara City Tour

Most famous monuments of Guadalajara, discover inside the buildings and plazas
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